Turn a total stranger into a passionate customer in 30 minutes - you don't even need to wear nice pants

SoHelpful is the easiest, fastest way for startups & small businesses to build lifelong fans - and customers - by helping them over Skype or Hangout

Getting customer mindshare is harder every day. You need to stand out - and helping people 1-1 is still the best way to sell you & your products. If only calls and coffee meetings didn't take so much time...

Not Anymore. With SoHelpful you can get the impact of 1-1 without slowing down your business.

SoHelpful eliminates the hassles so you can build an army of passionate customers by helping them over Skype or Hangout.

How SoHelpful Works

Just decide when you want to help others via Skype, Hangout, or phone calls. We advertise your availability and make it simple for fans of your work - those who email you for help, read your blog, or are referred to you by others - to book time with you.

After you help someone - and create a passionate fan or new customer - we ask them to give you a world-class testimonial and tell their friends about you.

Benefits of SoHelpful

No more email scheduling hassles

Get dozens of testimonials that sell you and your products

Professional profile to build your reputation and advertise your availability - no programming required

Receive & give referrals of potential customers from other professionals on SoHelpful

Dead simple to tell others when you're available - and for them to schedule a call with you for help

Just create an event called "SoHelpful" on your Google Calendar when you want to be available for calls.

Make it recurring and you're done forever.

No more scheduling hassles

SoHelpful takes care of every detail to schedule calls between you & potential customers

Never miss an opportunity to turn someone into a lifelong fan of you and your work.

Sends calendar invitations

Exchange contact information:

Skype/Hangout Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses

Sends confirmation & reminders

Supports cancellations & rescheduling

Timezone Support

Get dozens of testimonials from those you help - testimonials that help you sell

Linkedin recommendations are for HR departments - not selling.

SoHelpful gets you compelling testimonials from people you help.

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Don't you want dozens of testimonials like this?

Diana Cobbe,

Outer Barcoo

It was great speaking with you today, Kevin. Rich and I will use your valuable insights to complete the RFP process. You are doing a great service to fledgling startups like mine by offering your time and advice for free! You are the best kept secret around!!!

Armand Patella,

Hit Play Labs, LLC

I emailed Kevin out of the blue and within twenty-four hours we were on the phone discussing a range of topics, ones that he was particularly well equipped to cover, at length. He gave sound advice, both in broad strokes and specifics. Before speaking with Kevin I was at a crossroads, his insights cleared a few things up for me. A seriously great guy and certainly someone I'll continue to vet ideas with.

Gabriel Stein,

Sacramento, California

On our first call, Kevin was able to cut through my mental chatter and focus on what will create results in my business as I develop it! Just go ahead and set up the call with Kevin! The value is Huge!

A professionally - designed profile with your testimonials tells customers you're serious about helping them

Join a network of other professionals on SoHelpful - give and get referrals worldwide without email hassles

Do you believe helping others is the best way to build your reputation and get new business? We do too, so we made it easy to give and get referrals from people who need help.

SoHelpful does it for you - no need for tedious email intros

Still not sure if SoHelpful is for you?

Hi, I'm Kevin Dewalt, founder of SoHelpful & creator of the Helpfuing Marketing™ strategy.

Questions? Just contact me at kevindewalt@kevindewalt.com, @kevindewalt, or schedule a call with me at sohelpful.me/kevindewalt.


I'm going to share my story with you. Here's why I built SoHelpful - and how helping others will transform your business.


Like most entrepreneurs - I didn't know enough potential customers

In 2012 I was at a frustrating point in my career. I had moved to Beijing, China where I had few professional contacts. My blog and social media presence were dormant and I was having a difficult time getting anyone to read what I wrote. I wanted to build products but I wasn’t meeting enough customers.

I tried the usual tricks – blogging, social media, going to events, emailing people, coffee meetings. Although I had tons of experience, I had a problem: almost all of my professional relationships were in Washington, DC – home for the previous 15 years.

And here I was … in China! How could I do Customer Development to learn customer problems if 95% of my relationships are 12 time zones and 6,000 miles away?


How did I meet more customers? By helping them over Skype

To get above the noise I decided to try something desperate: I made myself available to help any entrepreneur in the world for 30 minutes over Skype. By "any", I mean I opened my calendar with times ANYONE could book.

It worked!

Before long I was helping entrepreneurs around the world over Skype - America, Spain, Israel, Singapore, Africa, Iran - EVERYWHERE. The people I helped appreciated my generosity, left me recommendations, and started telling others about me. You can see these amazing people here.

My blog subscribers and Twitter followers began growing as word started to spread. My audience rapidly grew when I wrote about solutions to the problems entrepreneurs asked me. Their problems inspired new product ideas. I started getting invitations to mentor at startup accelerators and speak at prestigious events like Eric Ries's Lean Startup Conference.

And...yes...the people I helped turned into paying customers.

But most of all I was enjoying the satisfaction of helping other people and seeing how it boosted my reputation. People I never met would approach me and say, “I saw that you help entrepreneurs worldwide – that is so awesome of you! Someday I’ll come and ask you for help.”

Did it take work? Of course!

But it was actually saving me time! For my entire career I had been “networking” by meeting people at events, conferences, coffee/lunch meetings, etc. Those “coffee meetings” take 5 emails to schedule and 3 hours of your day. Helping people over Skype is way, way more efficient.


But I needed a better system to manage everything - so I created SoHelpful

I started building a product to help me meet more potential customers, save administrative time, and create more value from the discussions - hence the list of SoHelpful features you see above.

But it gets even better...


What started as a tool is growing into a network of helpful professionals

Soon other professionals began using SoHelpful and having a similar experience to mine.

... Justin Wilcox is building a worldwide reputation as a startup mentor...

... Bruce McCarthy is meeting more product managers and building evangelists for his product management product, Reqqs...

... Jake Peterson is getting more paying clients for his Analytics service...

We now use SoHelpful to make referrals to each other - a win-win-win for everyone.



If you want to build your business, reputation, and meet more potential customers by helping them 1-1 via Skype, Hangout or phone calls, then SoHelpful is for you.


Are you a freelancer or service provider?

SoHelpful will help you form closer relationships with more potential customers worldwide. Instead of "coffee meetings" - which take hours to setup and attend - you'll be able build your sales pipeline by helping people on Skype or Hangout. Some will become paying clients - others will give you great testimonials and tell friends about you.


Are you a startup or product entrepreneur?

Just imagine how much easier Customer Development would be if customers called you and told you their problems. When you help them 1-1 that is exactly what happens - you'll not only build a great reputation ... but you'll also know what solutions to build. The people you help will buy your products because they trust you. The testimonials they give you will help you sell.


Are you an author, blogger or someone who sells content?

I bet you would like to know what your audience wants to read - before you write anything. SoHelpful will help you connect with your audience. Answers to the questions they ask will tell you what your audience wants to hear. It turns out that thousands of others will have the same questions - questions your can answer in your content.



Want to learn more about Helpful Marketing™ - the strategy behind getting customers by being helpful?

In the past year I've learned that many of you want to begin growing your business by helping others - but you're not sure how to do it. So I created a FREE course to help you get started.


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