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An open letter for serious Enterpreneurs

from Kevin Dewalt - SoHelpful’s Founder

Dear Micropreneur,

My name is Kevin Dewalt.

I’m writing to you because I learned something horrible. I heard you’ve been spending massive amounts of time scraping email addresses and begging for business. Is that why you decided to become an entrepreneur? I’m guessing not.

Think for a moment.

When you dreamed of running your own business... Did you imagine your future self doing it by groveling, mail­merging, and sending cold emails?

I’ve discussed this with hundreds of entrepreneurs. Most of them tell me...

“Yeah, I never expected getting customers to be THIS hard”

I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to.

Instead chasing customers... how would you like to get customers to approach you instead?

You’ve heard this before and it sounds too good to be true. Russ thought so too. But within 6 days of joining our world, here’s what he emailed us:

If you spent the past year trying to blog, "content­ market", and tweet your way to clients... and found yourself going back to cold-­emailing because it’s the only thing that gets you customers then I understand why you're skeptical.

You believe you just need to get in front of more people. And cold-emailing is the only affordable way.

(Even though you spend all day sending emails, numbing yourself from rejection, deleting “please take me off your list” and “spammer” emails... you eventually find someone willing to consider you... for a really cheap price.)

But here’s something nobody else is telling you:

When you’re starting a business most marketing strategies (like cold emailing) don’t work very well.

Not anymore ­ not in 2014. Here’s why.

3 reasons why cold emailing is a bad way to start a business

ok, 4 reasons if you want to add ...

“it sucks, I'm miserable and feel like spammer.”

  1. You don’t know who your customers are or what they want

    Sure, you’ve got ideas for your ...

    ...course, or
    ...... book, or
    ......... app, or
    ............ workshop, or
    ............... copywriting service, or
    .................. freelance design shop,

    or whatever.

    But you need to spend more time learning about them and their problems.

    Smart entrepreneurs start something they know they can sell ­- they don’t start something and then try to sell it.

    (btw, that’s the point of Lean Startup - to figure out what they want before spending all day trying to sell.)

  2. You don’t know what to say to customers

    Those marketing books and courses always tell you to “research your customer”.

    But everyone else is reading the same friggin’ books and doing the same research. So your cold emails, content, landing page copy sound like ... well ... everyone else’s.

    Until you REALLY know your customer ... their current, white­-hot problems as they think about them ... and exactly what solution you’re offering ... you’re just writing generic fluff.

    So you’re ignored by every “customer” except those looking for something cheap.

  3. You have no reputation

    How many testimonials do you have? How many potential customers are telling their friends about you?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    The truth is most business still comes via social proof and word­ of mouth. Right now, the word “YOU” isn’t coming out of enough mouths.

You can overcome these challenges - you just need your first customers to do it.

No, it isn’t you. You’re not lazy. You’re great at what you do, you just need someone to show you a different way to get started.

In 2014 your first 10 customers mean more to your business than the next 10,000.

In fact, what you need from them now is MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY. You need:

  • To know what products people can’t wait to pay you for.
  • What marketing copy will make them quiver with desire for what you sell.
  • Testimonials that crush all doubt.
  • Evangelists who won’t stop bugging their friends to check your stuff out, right now.

Until you have this stuff ... cold emailing prospects is a huge waste of time

When you have these things, that’s when all of the other marketing tactics make sense.

Do direct email, PR, social media, content, direct sales, growth hacking, SEO ... to scale your business.

When you know the foundational stuff marketing becomes easy. Just test channels and methods and find out what works. Do more of it. Then watch the cash pile up.

But at the early stages? Writing more generic content ... sending (please gods, kill me now) another cold email ... wasting $ on facebook ads ...

Exhausting! Enough of this bullshit!

Let’s get your business on track. Now we know what you need ­ you need to build relationships with enough early customers so you can figure out what they want, learn how to talk about it, and build up your reputation.

Since this is so important, let’s you and I make a pact together.

Our Pact

You and I will never, ever, ever, ever debase ourselves again by sending mass cold emails.

Until we know enough customers, understand what they want, and how to sell it to them.

Which leads me back to what the other Micropreneurs with SoHelpful profiles knows that you don’t...

This is why your friend is offering to get on calls to help people

He’s making customers come to him. That’s why he’s offering to help people 1-­on-­1 over Skype, Hangout, or phone calls.

By being helpful...

Customers tell him all about their problems, how they’re trying (and failing) to solve them, what they would pay for a solution. He is meeting more of them, getting testimonials, and turning these leads into sales.

Helping people is his secret weapon for getting to those first customers.

Without having to write clever copy, send massive amounts of cold email, or super savvy salesmanship.

You can do it too, if you want.

Imagine knowing people who trust you and:

  • Give you unlimited opportunities to discuss problems and solutions they’d happily give you money for
  • Buy your solutions, even when they're new and unproven
  • Grant you multiple chances to make it better
  • Write you killer testimonials and tell everyone about you

Just imagine how different your day would be. But before we go any further, let’s make sure you understand that I’m NOT saying you should work for free.

That’s not what this is about.

Bad idea

Ah, thanks Kevin. I got it! I’ll just start by giving away my product/offering FREE consultations

Wouldn’t that be nice? Just offer to work “for free”. Customers will jump at the opportunity and later pay for your advice and services.

If you’ve tried this before ... you know it doesn’t work.

“I was trying to be an authority. But I was knocking on their door in a way that positioned me as a beggar.”

If you’ve tried to get people on the phone by...

  • Offering a “free consult”
  • Checking if “we’re a good fit”
  • Asking to “Pick your brain”
  • Requesting for “Just 10 minutes of your time”

It doesn’t work because you are automatically positioned as a beggar.

Seriously, who thinks this works?

Yes, you say you’re “offering a free consult” But everybody knows... You’re trying to get them to buy your thing. They know you need them. They smell it from a couple of states away.

Even if you manage to get them on the phone... What do you actually talk about? Ever been to one of these calls? I have.

They’re awkward and they’re painful.

No wonder you’d rather put up a sales page, get crickets, and dismiss it as a “learning experience!”

I’ve watched hundreds of promising entrepreneurs try these tactics to meet more customers and learn what to sell them.

Guess what will happen?

  • You are going to be positioned as a beggar.
  • Conversations will be painful and difficult.
  • They'll "think about it". Forever.

And you’re not even asking for money yet, just time to talk.

If you’re thinking there must be a better way... There is.

The system for getting initial customers faster than anything else

SoHelpful is a SYSTEM that does ONE thing well: get a customer on the phone so you can win her trust.

Your professionally­ designed “Go­-To Person Who Cares” profile

  1. It’s engineered to win over a busy customer in 2 seconds. It forces you to be succinct and write just what customers want to read.
  2. Social proof from testimonials champions your claims. Testimonials will improve your conversion rate by up to 500%.
  3. ONE call­-to­-action: Schedule a call with you.

"It looks like I'm just saying, 'Hey, schedule a call with me.' And you happen to see social proof. You respect who I am and what I'm about, without bragging."

Shane Walker

Simplified Scheduler

Recall when scheduling calls was a real hassle. Even though you wanted to have a call with someone, you hated the stupid emails about availability, time zones, etc.

That’s what your customers are thinking too

SoHelpful’s scheduler does 1 thing excellently: make it drop­-dead easy for customers to schedule a call with you. It's the equivalent of your doctor’s secretary.

"We played the scheduling game back and forth for a while. Then we learned about SoHelpful, which automated that process."

Mark Horoszowski

Testimonial Engine

Asking for testimonials is awkward - so let us do it for you. We'll even persuade the people you help to give you one.

We tell your customers what to write and make it easy to upload pictures.

Soon you'll have dozens of killer testimonials that sell you and your business.


"A company found my SoHelpful testimonials and hired me to do a workshop"

Ramli John
SoHelpful Tribe

Helpful Tribe

Joining SoHelpful demonstrates that your beliefs and values are similar to ours -- you believe profits should be a result of adding value and being helpful. That means it’s easier to connect. You bond instantly. It’s easy to ask for advice.

People who sign up typically binge-schedule calls and can’t believe the massive amount of free value they get. Who knows, you might end up getting hired by a SoHelpfuler.

"Just got on a call with Mike Michellini. It's just amazing that I can book that call... I didn't have to ask permission... Didn't have to send an email... And there he is with loads of experience, my whole thinking just changed."

Russell Smith

Generosity Directory

By signing up for SoHelpful, you’re automatically included in the Generosity Directory: instant exposure to potential customers looking for your help.


"Wanted to let you know that I have received my first paying client via SoHelpful. She found me from a search, we did a complimentary session and now we are working together and moving forward."

Jay Coelho

How SoHelpful Works in 5 Steps

We know SoHelpful is different - and you're wondering how it will work for you.

Don't worry, customers constantly tell us "this is so EASY"
Here's how SoHelpful will help improve your business step by step.

Step 1Set your availability for calls

Just create an events called "SoHelpful" on your Google Calendar when you want to be available for calls.

Make it recurring and you're done forever.


Step 2Customers see your offer to be helpful

“How will customers find me?”

Great question. SoHelpful has tools to help you tell customers about your offer and get them to find you.

Here are 3 different ways to get customers on the phone


1Put the widget on your website or blog

No programming - just cut-and-paste 1 line of text.

Your SoHelpful widget makes it drop-dead easy for customers worldwide to schedule a call with you. They can see when you're available in their timezone.

Every site has a generic "Contact Me" form which nobody uses. Show customers that you're different - just like Lise Cartwright.

See the example bellow

2Share your SoHelpful profile with customer you meet online or offline

Offering to help customers is the fastest way to begin earning their trust. Just give them your unique SoHelpful profile url and they will pick a convenient time to chat with you.

"Sure, happy to help you out! Just pick a time at sohelpful.me/yourname"


Customers you meet in person

When you meet customers at conferences, Meetups, don't just give them an email address and hope they follow-up - offer to help them and share your SoHelpful Profile url.

3Customers find you in SoHelpful’s Generosity Directory

You never know when a single conversation will change your career. Give yourself every opportunity to get above the noise and be discovered.


Step 3Customers schedule a call with you for help

Customers will tell you "that was so easy!"

No logins. No emailing. No hassle.

SoHelpful handles the silly admin stuff so you can focus on your business.


Step 4You help customers over Skype, Hangout or phone calls


You help them over a call

It's not a sales call. No fear from you. No suspicion from them. It's not even awkward like "let's see if we're a good fit" conversations.

Win instant trust & build new relationships.

Can you see how you instantly beat ALL your competitors hiding behind a website?

Step 5We help the customer give you
a killer testimonial

Get a killer testimonial

Some people you help become instant customers. Others give you social capital: a testimonial.

Forget generic LinkedIn testimonials written for HR. SoHelpful testimonials are designed to help you sell.

We ask for you and help them write a great one complete with pictures.


So ... how much does it cost?

Before we get to that, let’s recap what you get from SoHelpful and how much the alternative will cost you:

  • Personal assistant that does your scheduling $480/month
    ($3/hour assistant on oDesk for 160 hours/month)
  • Professionally-designed and optimized profile
    Even without a designer you'll pay$67/month for LeadPages.
  • Branding consultant
    Just 1 hour/month on oDesk will cost you $20.
  • Helpful Tribe
    You already belong to professional groups like Location Rebel (one-time $497), Dynamite Circle (currently $147/3 months), or Fizzle ($35/month). So you know this is important. It may be priceless, but let’s say it’s worth $35/month, the least expensive I’ve seen of legit communities.
  • Generosity Directory
    Referral programs charge at least 10% to get you a client. So that’s at least $10/month.

That's at least $612 every single month! Plus:

  • Weeks and months of your life writing landing pages, sales letters, blog posts, and the actual product.

  • The anxiety of doing them.

  • The pain of not having anyone read them.

  • Getting callers to sing you praises? Priceless.

Sounds like a stretch?

Am I being absurd?

Ok, maybe a little. But don't worry, you don’t have to pay anything close to $612 a month. The price difference is absurd too :)

Here’s what SoHelpful costs: As low as $0.20 a day.

Select your subscription plan

Testing The Waters

per day

Billed $10/month

simplified scheduler

testimonial engine

branded widget

professional-designed profile

30 Day guilt-free
right decision guarantee

Try it now

Most PopularTaking It Slowly

per day

Billed $25/3 months
(Save 20% annually)

simplified scheduler

testimonial engine

branded widget

professional-designed profile

30 Day guilt-free
right decision guarantee

Try it now


per day

Billed $75/year
(Save 38% annually)

simplified scheduler

testimonial engine

branded widget

professional-designed profile

30 Day guilt-free
right decision guarantee

Try it now

How much is each client worth to you over a lifetime?

If you’re like most people on SoHelpful, even if you get JUST 1 CLIENT A YEAR because of it, it will have more than paid for itself.

Of course, we are getting much more than that.

  • We’re seducing hesitant leads along the pipeline.
  • We’re building our reputations as THE X GUY.
  • We have an unlimited stream of ideas for future blog posts, products, and businesses.
  • We’re expanding our networks, getting free advice, and hiring each other.
  • We’re getting killer testimonials we’ll use for landing pages, sales pages, etc.

That’s a total of 5 productivity, marketing, branding and networking tools valued at $612. But when you sign up today, it’s yours for as low as $0.20 a day.

Get it now

I’m certain you’ll love SoHelpful.
But don’t take my word for it.

Every Micropreneur who’s tried it is super excited to do Helpful Marketing.

They’re not only getting results... They are KILLING it.

In fact, once they get a profile, get on calls, and see how easy it is to get testimonials, they can’t stop telling everyone who would listen about it.

I’m not making this stuff up. I’ve been eavesdropping on them:

“I had someone potentially ready to buy soon (rather than down the road)”

“SoHelpful is the sheeeat”
I don’t know what that means but he looks happy

“It seems counter intuitive, but the way to get faster internet street cred is to connect with people one on one!”

“For me, it’s been a real game changer”

“It’s the way to go for so many reasons”

I was trying to get more email newsletter subscribers. 3 weeks into putting together this project... I hit a stone wall. I stagnated with zero subscribers for an entire week!
And then a brainwave struck me one morning while I was brushing my teeth, “Why not focus on helping these 30 subscribers first?”
Even if not everybody responds, at least some might. Some is better than none. So I sent an email to the list volunteering a 30min SoHelpful Skype session to help them with their crowd funding campaign.
Surprisingly, three persons on my list actually set up a SoHelpful session! I was like: WOW! this SoHelpful thing actually works!

Johnathan Leow

Think they’re exaggerating?

Smart. Then check it out yourself at my risk.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
You don’t risk anything by seeing what’s up

All right, let me see what’s up

Right Decision Guarantee

Get your SoHelpful profile now and enjoy the benefits for 30 days without risk.

Hustle calls for 30 days and decide if SoHelpful is right for your business. If not, I'll refund your entire investment, no problem.

You may even take your callers’ email addresses and testimonials with you.

I'm confident using SoHelpful will get your business on track. If you don’t, then it’s not worth it. Get your money back.

If you’re excited, you should try SoHelpful now. Why not? You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Are you in?

When did you realize you needed a product like ours? What was going on in your world that caused you to come looking for SoHelpful?

I didn’t know I needed SoHelpful until I saw Chiara using it. Lightbulb went on: timezone, emails back and forth, increase people’s desire to talk to me, add to my credibility. When I saw there’s no risk to do that for a month and test it out. That ultimately convinced me to sign up

Mike Harrington Red Flag Client Course

By the way, we’re constantly testing price increases. So the price you’re seeing now is probably the lowest you’ll see. Ever. This is not a trick to pressure you to buy now. Testing is just smart business. (Pro tip: Test prices with your own business too)

So why wouldn’t you try
SoHelpful now?

As effective as using SoHelpful to JGTFP (Just Get Them on the F***ing’ Phone) is...

I’ve encountered a lot of no-brainer stuff I really liked, didn’t cost much (especially compared to the pile of junk in my room I never use anymore), and that would clearly pay for itself many times over...

I don’t know why but too often I tell myself to think about it and decide later... And when I finally make up my mind?

Gone. Can’t remember where I found it. No more bargain. Out of stock. Whatever.

It’s like we shoot ourselves in the foot in the face of opportunity. Why? Our brains are hard-wired to resist things that are clearly beneficial to us. High upside, no downside stuff: Exercising, eating healthy, joining SoHelpful risk-free...

Human nature, yes, but it bothers me personally.

You see, I know how much SoHelpful customers LOVE it. I read their emails. I talk to them over SoHelpful calls. They tweet me all the time. They tell me that,

“For me, it’s been a real game changer.”

So I just hate the thought of you not joining SoHelpful because I explained this poorly or incompletely.

That’s why Chiara and I compiled all the reasons you might delay getting a SoHelpful profile.

(Nobody EVER says no. But they wait for an external something to change first and end up forgetting about it.)

After several hours, we concluded that it only boils down to seven reasons. Here they are:

  • I don’t feel like an expert. Can I really help people through SoHelpful?

    Yes, yes, YES! We all worry about this at first - I know I did. “What if somebody asks me a question and I don’t know the answer?”

    Here is the reality - the “answer” doesn’t matter. That’s why beginners on SoHelpful succeed more quickly than so-called “experts”.

    Listening. Offering suggestions. Helping people consider their options.

    These are what matter. People who ask for help don’t care how much you know - they care about THEIR problems. All they need is for you to care and be genuine.

  • Won’t helping people “for free” cheapen the value of my paid work?

    No. Don’t ever work for free. I sure don’t.

    Think of SoHelpful calls as a marketing opportunity: a chance to build your reputation, prove your expertise, or build trust as part of your sales funnel by being helpful. Along with writing, speaking, going to Meetups, etc. SoHelpful is just another, more impactful way to do it.

    Remember, money is just one form of currency - the people you help will also “pay” you by giving you insight into their challenges, offering ideas for blog posts, and giving you testimonials.

  • Won’t SoHelpful require a lot of extra work?

    As compared to ... what?. All marketing takes time or money - anyone promising something different is lying to you.

    Compared to the cold-emailing that takes all day and makes you look like a beggar? Compared to the blog posts you're writing that nobody is reading? Compared to SEO, social media marketing ... which are not working?

    When you're just starting, investing in 1-on-1 relationships is more effective than anything else. SoHelpful will take less time than your current efforts - and it actually works.

  • How does this scale?

    You don’t have a scale problem. You have a “nobody-gives-a-shit-about-what-I’m-doing” problem. An “I-don’t-know-what-customers-want” problem. An “If-I-have-to-send-another-cold-email-I’m-going-to-lose-my-marbles” problem.

    You need to get your first 100 customers, the most important ones you will ever have. You need social proof through word-of-mouth and testimonials. You need to learn - REALLY learn - about your customers and their problems. You need to know how to find them and what you can say and do to get them to buy.

    The best way to get all of this is to invest in relationships. SoHelpful is the most effective way to do it.

  • How is SoHelpful different from Timetrade, ScheduleOnce ... ?

    SoHelpful isn’t a general appointment application. SoHelpful’s scheduler is easy to use because does 1 thing well: gets a customer to book a call with you.

    Is your goal to get more customers? SoHelpful is the best product available. Profile. Widget. Testimonial Engine. Helpful Tribe. Generosity Directory.

    Don't believe me? Try a cheap (or free) appointment application. Most of our customers have tried alternatives and switched to SoHelpful because it works so much better - and because they're serious about getting customers.

  • How is SoHelpful different than “expert networks” like Google Helpouts, GLG, Clarity...?

    People who provide help on “expert” networks charge for their time. It makes perfect sense for a lawyer or management consultant to charge by the minute - their time IS their product.

    The people on SoHelpful help others for a different business goal - to build their reputations, get insight, or close sales.

  • What is the most common reason SoHelpful DOESN’T work for people?

    SoHelpful alone won’t instantly make you popular and magically grow your business. If that’s your expectation, don’t sign up for it.

    Yes, you will get exposure from SoHelpful - through search engines, other SoHelpfulers you meet in the Helpful Tribe and customers who find you in the Generosity Directory.

    But you still have to invest in your own reputation and in meeting customers - SoHelpful won't do it all for you.

Try SoHelpful now

P.S. Seth Godin said words that persuaded me to become the kind of entrepreneur who cares and helps people. Turns out, not only is it more deeply rewarding... It’s easier and more profitable than anything else too. Here’s what he said:

My goal is to persuade you that there is an opportunity available to you, a chance to significantly change your life for the better.

Not by doing something that’s easy or that you’ve been trained to do, but by understanding how the rules of our world have fundamentally changed and by taking advantage of this moment to become someone the world believes is indispensable.

It starts by making a simple choice.

I know that you can do this and I hope you will.

Are you ready to get your first 100 customers?

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