Starting a business? Welcome to your secret weapon for getting customers

SoHelpful is the simplest, most effective way to get your business started by helping customers over Skype, Hangout or phone.

Face it: your marketing isn't working

You need to meet customers & learn about their challenges. But they don't reply to emails, read your content, or engage on social media - much less buy.

Wouldn't it be great if customers called YOU?

Imagine if customers called you for help? Gave you an opportunity to earn their respect and business by helping them?

Wouldn't this be a MUCH EASIER way to learn about their problems? Get them to buy from you?

SoHelpful is the solution for getting initial customers

SoHelpful is the world's first platform for getting your new business started by helping customers 1-on-1 over Skype, Hangout, or phone calls.

How you will meet more customers with SoHelpful

Set your availability for calls

Just create an event called "SoHelpful" on your Google Calendar when you want to be available for calls.

Make it recurring and you're done forever.

Customers visit your SoHelpful profile

As you meet them - through social media, online groups, your blog, or sales funnel - you send them to your profile.

Your expertise next to social proof from testimonials instantly gives you credibility.

They book a call with you

We KNOW how important your customers are - so we make it drop-dead simple for them.

They can even book calls with their phones.

You help them over a call

Learn their problems. Show how much you care.

Win instant trust & build new relationships.

Get a killer testimonial

Some people you help become instant customers.

Others you help pay you in social capital - SoHelpful's testimonial engine optimizes your opportunity to get a great testimonial.

Susan Truefan, Berlin Germany

Thank you so much Kevin for your amazing advice! We were struggling to even MEET enough customer to DO Customer Development - we just signed up for SoHelpful so we can meet more, learn about their problems, and get them excited about our product. All startups should call you for advice!

SoHelpful success stories

Launch a new online course

SoHelpful Features

Simplified scheduler

Hassle-free way for people who want your help (customers, sales leads, audience, mentees) to schedule a call.

Testimonial engine

SoHelpful automatically gets you high-quality testimonials from those you help - you don't have to make an awkward "ask".


Book calls from your own blog or web site.

SoHelpful profile

Get more calls. Advertise your expertise next to the social proof from your testimonials.

Your scheduling hassles are over

SoHelpful takes care of every detail to schedule calls between you & potential customers

Never miss an opportunity to turn someone into a lifelong fan of you and your work.

“We played the scheduling game back and forth for a while. Then we learned about SoHelpful, which automated that process."
—Mark Horoszowski

Sends calendar invitations

Exchange contact information:

Skype/Hangout Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses

Sends confirmation & reminders

Supports cancellations & rescheduling

Timezone Support

Get dozens of testimonials from those you help

"A company found my SoHelpful testimonials and hired me to do a workshop"
—Ramli John

SoHelpful gets you compelling testimonials from people you help, just like those below. You don't even have to make an awkward "ask" - we do it for you.

Testimonials SoHelpful LinkedIn













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Diana Cobbe, 

Outer Barcoo

It was great speaking with you, Kevin. Rich and I will use your valuable insights to complete the RFP process. You are doing a great service to startups like mine by offering your time and advice! You are the best kept secret around!!!

Armand Patella,  

Hit Play Labs, LLC

I emailed Kevin out of the blue and within 24 hours we were on the phone discussing a range of topics. He gave sound advice, both in broad strokes & specifics. A great guy and certainly someone I'll continue to vet ideas with.

Get more calls with your SoHelpful profile

Your SoHelpful profile will sell you better than your LinkedIn profile or - social proof is best evidence available.

"It looks like I'm just saying, 'Hey, schedule a call with me.' And you happen to see social proof. You respect who I am and what I'm about, without bragging."
—Shane Walker

Systematically tested and designed it to get your more calls from the right people.

Book calls directly from your blog or web site

You'll get simple narrow (shown here) and full-page widgets. Cut-and-paste install on Wordpress in 30 seconds.


Have some programming skills? You can also fully-customize an HTML widget to fit your unique requirements.

Still not sure if SoHelpful is for you?

I understand. Let me help you decide.

Let's talk about you instead

Hi, I'm Kevin Dewalt. I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get their businesses started by being helpful and I want to help you too.

An open letter from Kevin Dewalt, SoHelpful’s founder

Be honest: do you have a plan for getting your first customers?

You have good ideas but you don’t have enough customers. You’re trying to figure out how to get them but ...

  • You don't know who they are
  • Or what they want
  • Or where to find them

This is all perfectly normal - every successful business starts like this. But you need to figure it out - fast - and you don’t have a plan.

These strategies probably won’t work

  • Direct email marketing. You’ll send hundreds of emails and get no replies.
  • Content marketing. You’ll write, write, and write. And customers won’t find or read it.
  • Social media marketing. You’ll get followers & friends. But hardly any customers.
  • PR. You'll work like crazy to get media coverage - and still won't get customers.
  • Growth hacking. No, the latest buzzwords aren't the solution.
  • Direct sales. You’ll spend a massive amount of time knocking on doors, only to get confused looks and polite “no thank-you’s”

All of these strategies WILL work - later. When you have customers, a solution that works, and you're trying to figure out how to get more of them.

But they WON'T work now - when you're just starting. I know because hundreds of entrepreneurs have asked me for help AFTER trying these strategies.

The solution? YOU need to focus on helping THEM

It really is just that simple. Focus on helping customers and you will start getting traction for your business.

As you meet them - in conferences, meetups, social media, through your blog or product trials - stop trying to get them pay attention to you and your solution. Instead, focus on helping them 1-on-1 with their problems.

First earn their trust. They’ll then tell you their problems and take a good look at your solutions. Even those who don’t buy will tell their friends about you.

It works for Gary Vaynerchuk. It works for me. It works for dozens of us on SoHelpful. And, yes, being helpful can work for you.

“I attract a crowd, not because I’m an extrovert or I’m over the top or I’m oozing with charisma. It’s because I care.”
--Gary Vaynerchuk

Get them on the phone!

A great landing page - which you don’t yet have - will convert customers at 4%. A great phone call will convert customers at 80%.

That’s why sales people use the the phone - not social media or email.

Talking to people is the best way to truly understand their problems, build your reputation, and win the trust you need to get them to buy from you.

SoHelpful is the most effective way to get customers to call you

Now do you get it? I created SoHelpful because it was just too hard to get customers on the phone.

I’m not a sales guy - I’m a programmer. I’m much more comfortable having a phone call where I offer to help someone.

SoHelpful is the most effective way to get a customer to call you for help.

Ready to give SoHelpful a try?

Excellent! You can try SoHelpful for absolutely no risk - what in the world do you have to lose?

Right after you sign up you’ll get a hand-typed, personal email from us. Joey, Chiara, and I will do what we can to help you get started with your Helpful Marketing strategy.

Still unsure? Take my free course

This strategy works. I’ve proven it by helping dozens of entrepreneurs like you - people who tried everything else - get their businesses going by being helpful.

But you probably still have questions - that’s ok, I’ll be happy to help you get started.

Get your first 100 customers by being helpful

Answers to your questions

I don’t feel like an expert. Can I really help people through SoHelpful?

Yes, yes, YES! Every one of us worries about this at first - I know I did. “What if somebody asks me a question and I don’t know the answer?”

Here is the reality - the “answer” doesn’t matter. That’s why people who are beginners are often more successful on SoHelpful than so-called “experts”. So what does matter?

Offering suggestion.
Helping people consider their options.

People who ask for help don’t care how much you know - they care about THEIR problems, themselves. What matters is how much you genuinely care about helping them.

Won’t helping people “for free” cheapen the value of my paid work?

No. Don’t ever work for free. I sure don’t.

Think of SoHelpful calls as a marketing opportunity: a chance to build your reputation, prove your expertise, or build trust as part of your sales funnel by being helpful. Along with writing, speaking, going to Meetups, etc. SoHelpful is just another, more impactful way to do it.

Remember, money is just one form of currency - the people you help will also “pay” you by giving you insight into their challenges, offering ideas for blog posts, and giving you testimonials.

Won’t SoHelpful require a lot of extra work?

No. All marketing takes time or money - anyone promising something different is lying to you.

When you're just starting, investing in 1-on-1 relationships is more effective than anything else. You will get more traction faster by helping customers than you will spending days sending blind emails.

How does this scale?

Helping customers 1-on-1 is a marketing strategy for STARTING a business. Once you figure out your business you will use different techniques to grow your business.

When you’re just starting you'll help “anyone who needs it”. As your business grows you'll be more selective and help “existing customers” or “qualified leads”.

Do this and you’ll get massive value from every conversation.

How is SoHelpful different than Timetrade, ScheduleOnce … ?

SoHelpful isn’t a general appointment application. SoHelpful’s scheduler is easy to use because does 1 thing well: allows someone to book a 30-minute Hangout, Skype or phone call at times convenient to you. (Some Americans call this an “office hours” system.)

I decided to start building SoHelpful because general appointment tools didn’t work well for this purpose. Most of our customers report the same.

How is SoHelpful different than “expert networks” like Google Helpouts, GLG, Clarity…?

People who provide help on “expert” networks charge for their time. It makes perfect sense for a lawyer or management consultant to charge by the minute - their time IS their product.

The people on SoHelpful help others for a different business goal - to build their reputations, get insight, or close sales, for instance.

What is the most common reason SoHelpful DOESN’T work for people?

SoHelpful alone won’t instantly make you popular and grow your business. If that’s your expectation, don’t sign up for it.

Yes, you will get exposure from SoHelpful - through search engines, new relationships with others on SoHelpful, and through our searchable directory (coming soon).

People don't magically love you when you sign up for Wordpress - SoHelpful is no different.

Other questions? Check out our Help & support FAQ