Yes, you really can grow your reputation & business by being helpful

SoHelpful is the simplest, most effective way to grow your reputation & business by helping others over Skype, Hangout or phone.

Face it: your marketing isn't working

Growing a business can be lonely. You need to meet customers & learn about their challenges. But you just can't get them to read your blog, try your product, or respond to your emails.

There is a better way - being helpful

Imagine if potential customers … qualified leads … your audience … reached out to you for help? Gave you an opportunity to earn their respect and trust? Wrote great testimonials about you and your work? Told EVERYONE how amazing you are?

And now it's so easy with SoHelpful, the world's first platform for systematically growing your business by being helpful.

How you will meet more customers with SoHelpful

Set your availability for calls

Just create an event called "SoHelpful" on your Google Calendar when you want to be available for calls.

Make it recurring and you're done forever.

People visit your SoHelpful profile

The people you want to meet - like customers - are busy & skeptical.

Your expertise next to social proof from testimonials will instantly convince them that you’re worth their time.

They book a call with you

We KNOW how important your customers are - so we make it drop-dead simple for them.

They can even book calls with their phones.

You help them over a call

Learn their problems. Show how much you care.

Win instant trust & build new relationships.

Get a killer testimonial

Some people you help become instant customers.

Others you help pay you in social capital - SoHelpful's testimonial engine optimizes your opportunity to get a great testimonial.

Susan Truefan, Berlin Germany

Thank you so much Kevin for your amazing advice! We were struggling to even MEET enough customer to DO Customer Development - we just signed up for SoHelpful so we can meet more, learn about their problems, and get them excited about our product. All startups should call you for advice!

SoHelpful success stories

SoHelpful Features

Simplified scheduler

Hassle-free way for people who want your help (customers, sales leads, audience, mentees) to schedule a call.

Testimonial engine

SoHelpful automatically gets you high-quality testimonials from those you help - you don't have to make an awkward "ask".


Book calls from your own blog or web site.

SoHelpful profile

Get more calls. Advertise your expertise next to the social proof from your testimonials.

Your scheduling hassles are over

SoHelpful takes care of every detail to schedule calls between you & potential customers

Never miss an opportunity to turn someone into a lifelong fan of you and your work.

“We played the scheduling game back and forth for a while. Then we learned about SoHelpful, which automated that process."
—Mark Horoszowski

Sends calendar invitations

Exchange contact information:

Skype/Hangout Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses

Sends confirmation & reminders

Supports cancellations & rescheduling

Timezone Support

Get dozens of testimonials from those you help

"A company found my SoHelpful testimonials and hired me to do a workshop"
—Ramli John

SoHelpful gets you compelling testimonials from people you help, just like those below. You don't even have to make an awkward "ask" - we do it for you.

Testimonials SoHelpful LinkedIn













Add, edit, re-order



Diana Cobbe, 

Outer Barcoo

It was great speaking with you, Kevin. Rich and I will use your valuable insights to complete the RFP process. You are doing a great service to startups like mine by offering your time and advice! You are the best kept secret around!!!

Armand Patella,  

Hit Play Labs, LLC

I emailed Kevin out of the blue and within 24 hours we were on the phone discussing a range of topics. He gave sound advice, both in broad strokes & specifics. A great guy and certainly someone I'll continue to vet ideas with.

Get more calls with your SoHelpful profile

Your SoHelpful profile will sell you better than your LinkedIn profile or - social proof is best evidence available.

"It looks like I'm just saying, 'Hey, schedule a call with me.' And you happen to see social proof. You respect who I am and what I'm about, without bragging."
—Shane Walker

Systematically tested and designed it to get your more calls from the right people.

Book calls directly from your blog or web site

You'll get simple narrow (shown here) and full-page widgets. Cut-and-paste install on Wordpress in 30 seconds.


Have some programming skills? You can also fully-customize an HTML widget to fit your unique requirements.

Still not sure if SoHelpful is for you?

(Actually ... I know why)

You’re still not sure about SoHelpful because I do a terrible job of explaining it.

So let's forget about SoHelpful and talk about something more interesting - you.

An open letter from Kevin Dewalt, SoHelpful’s founder

Be honest with yourself: are you on the path to success?

I've spent the last 10 years helping people like you get their businesses going. I've seen a few spectacular successes and failures - but mostly smart, passionate people struggling to achieve their dreams. Whenever I see great people struggling I do what I can to help them - and that usually starts with an honest assessment about (1) where they are, and (2) why they are not where they expected to be.

And so I’m going to ask you to do the same:

What were your dreams and expectations when you started? Are you on the path to success? Why not?

Let’s be frank - you wouldn’t be reading this if you were achieving the success we both know you are capable of. So let’s put the b.s. aside and be brutally honest with each other: something isn’t working.

(btw, it has taken me longer to learn how to grow a business than anyone I know - trust me, I know how you feel right now, but I promise you that recognizing the problem is the first step to success)

I'm 99% sure I know WHY you're not as successful as you should be.

Ok, so not everything is going as we hoped. Why? Maybe you're not getting enough customer leads. Or customers are not interested in your product. Perhaps you can't get them to find - much less read - your blog. Maybe you can't seen to push interested customers into buying.

Heck, maybe you just want to be an entrepreneur and don't know how to escape the day job.

Once I get people to tell me what they think their biggest problem is ... I start asking WHY? WHY isn't your book selling? WHY don't you know? WHY haven't you just asked 50 of them?

So now ask yourself these tough questions: why, Why, WHY, WHY!!!!!!!

The root cause is almost always the same - your relationships (or lack of them) with your customers.

Don't believe me? Then ask yourself:

How different your life would be ... if you knew hundreds of them? And thousands more knew of you and thought you were absolutely amazing?

If they trusted you so much that they called you?

Told you their problems?

And even offered to pay you to solve them?

Business (and LIFE!) would be more amazing, fulfilling, and exciting, right?

So why aren't you doing the 1 thing guaranteed to help you meet more customers & earn their respect?

Ok, so now we know the source of your challenges: customers. So what are you going to do about it?

I have a suggestion - 1 very specific thing you can do that will dramatically change the course of your business. The 1 thing you can do to separate you from the 95% who will continue to struggle for years.

And it isn’t
... great ideas,
...... beautiful products,
......... expertise,
............ or lots of money.

These things just don’t matter anymore because our customers are constantly bombarded by companies claiming to have them.

So what is that 1 thing? The 1 thing you can do differently that guarantees you success?


It really, really is just that simple. If you decided - right now - that your are going to be better at helping customers than anyone else you are giving yourself 1,000,000x better odds of succeeding.

It works for Gary Vaynerchuk. It works for me. It works for dozens of us on SoHelpful. And, yes, being helpful can work for you.

“I attract a crowd, not because I’m an extrovert or I’m over the top or I’m oozing with charisma. It’s because I care.”
--Gary Vaynerchuk

Being helpful is the unlikely secret to your success

We live in a world more obsessed with tech, data and scale than people. Companies build beautiful gizmos for practically nothing and then shovel them at us through email, Facebook ads, email, commercials, email - and, yes, even more email.

So what can you do to be different? Do what Gary Vaynerchuk does - prove you’re worth it by being helpful. It is the one thing - really the only thing - you can do that is uniquely you.

How badly do you want it? Are you ready to try something new?

And now you have a choice to make.

You can …

… continue doing what everyone else is doing: write more blog posts, send more email, cold-contact people on LinkedIn, get more followers & friends. And most likely you’ll find yourself in a similar position 6 months from now.


... start doing the 1 thing that matters: become more helpful than anyone else.

You can try SoHelpful for absolutely no risk - what in the world do you have to lose?

Answers to your questions

I don’t feel like an expert. Can I really help people through SoHelpful?

Yes, yes, YES! Every one of us worries about this at first - I know I did. “What if somebody asks me a question and I don’t know the answer?”

Here is the reality - the “answer” doesn’t matter. That’s why people who are beginners are often more successful on SoHelpful than so-called “experts”. So what does matter?

Offering suggestion.
Helping people consider their options.

People who ask for help don’t care how much you know - they care about THEIR problems, themselves. What matters is how much you genuinely care about helping them.

Won’t helping people “for free” cheapen the value of my paid work?

No. Don’t ever work for free. I sure don’t.

Think of SoHelpful calls as a marketing opportunity: a chance to build your reputation, prove your expertise, or build trust as part of your sales funnel by being helpful. Along with writing, speaking, going to Meetups, etc. SoHelpful is just another, more impactful way to do it.

Remember, money is just one form of currency - the people you help will also “pay” you by giving you insight into their challenges, offering ideas for blog posts, and giving you testimonials.

Won’t SoHelpful require a lot of extra work?

No. SoHelpful is most effective if you integrate your offer to be helpful as part of your existing marketing efforts. You’ll find scheduled, 30-minute calls helping someone to be a fun break in your daily routine.

How does this scale?

Help the people who are most important to growing your business - that’s how SoHelpful scales. When you’re just starting that might be “anyone who needs it”. As your business grows that might be “existing customers” or “qualified leads”.

Do this and you’ll get massive value from every conversation.

How is SoHelpful different than Timetrade, ScheduleOnce … ?

SoHelpful isn’t a general appointment application. SoHelpful’s scheduler is easy to use because does 1 thing well: allows someone to book a 30-minute Hangout, Skype or phone call at times convenient to you. (Some Americans call this an “office hours” system.)

I decided to start building SoHelpful because general appointment tools didn’t work well for this purpose. Most of our customers report the same.

How is SoHelpful different than “expert networks” like Google Helpouts, GLG, Clarity…?

People who provide help on “expert” networks charge for their time. It makes perfect sense for a lawyer or management consultant to charge by the minute - their time IS their product.

The people on SoHelpful help others for a different business goal - to build their reputations, get insight, or close sales, for instance.

What is the most common reason SoHelpful DOESN’T work for people?

SoHelpful alone won’t instantly make you popular and grow your business. If that’s your expectation, don’t sign up for it.

Yes, you will get exposure from SoHelpful - through search engines, new relationships with others on SoHelpful, and through our searchable directory (coming soon).

People don't magically love you when you sign up for Wordpress - SoHelpful is no different.

Other questions? Check out our Help & support FAQ

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